We love a good inspirational travel montage video!

Before we started traveling, montage videos would get us more psyched and inspired to travel than pretty much anything else. Something about seeing someone cram in so many adventures into a 3 minute video is both impressive and inspiring. It’s also a great way to gain ideas for new places to travel to!

So we decided to put together our own list of our favorite travel montage videos to hopefully inspire you to get out there and see more of this amazing world of ours!

My Most Epic Year of Travel Montage

Hey Nadine

We love this montage from one of our favorite travel vloggers, Hey Nadine. This montage compiles all of her 2015 travels into one epic clip video. In her video, Nadine takes us to places like South Africa, Guatemala and Canada and inspires some serious wanderlust along the way.

Our First Year of Travel!

The Endless Adventure

Hey, that’s us! We recently put together a crazy montage video of our first year of travel. This year took us from Austria to Iceland to Mexico and about 15 other countries. Needless to say it was one hell of an adventure. Here’s to 2017!

3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes (Lessons and Adventures)

High on Life

This epic travel montage video packs 3 years of travel into one 3 minute video. The narrator urges the viewer to remain present while travel in order to really take in your surroundings and appreciate where you are. The scenes are great, as well as all of the badass ninja moves.


Jay Alvarrez

If this video doesn’t get you psyched to travel, nothing will. Jay has an amazing way of weaving an epic story into his travel montage videos. They truly are a work of art.

Most Epic Year of Travel Montage 2015

Kristen Sarah

Kristen is another one of our favorite travel vloggers. She’s got an amazingly quirky personality, which shows through in her montage. She’s tons of fun to follow along with and will definitely inspire you to get out there and travel!

We hope these travel montages will give you as much wanderlust as they do us and, at the very least, give you some inspiration for where to travel to next. Do you have a favorite travel montage video? If so, leave us a comment and let us know!

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Thanks for reading, we'll see you on the road!