If you’re anything like us, then you love watching other travel vloggers! For us, they’re a constant reminder that there’s still so much more of the world to see and so many different ways to see it!

Of course, it’s fun watching the big guys like FunForLouis and Mr Ben Brown, but there are also some smaller vloggers out there who are producing amazing travel videos! So we put together a little list of some of our favorite up-and-coming travel vloggers that we’re sure will inspire you to get out and find your adventure!

The Way Away

First up is The Way Away. Ashley and Josh Brown, the wife and husband duo behind the vlog, are spending 2016 touring around Europe - or Yearoupe as they call it - and vlogging almost every day of it. They’re hitting up 12 countries total and using World Packers to do it super affordably.

They’re about as cheerful and optimistic as a pair could be and always do their current city justice by showing off all it has to offer from the delicious food to the culture and sights.


If you like laughing til you cry and seeing the world, then Tal from TheTravelingClatt is your fella! Whether he’s taking a trip to another country or just down the street, he makes every day a hilarious adventure you don’t want to miss!

Oh and Tal also plays the ukulele and makes cooking vlogs... although you miiiight learn a bit more about how not to cook than how to cook :)


Raya, a.k.a. RayaWasHere, is an uber positive and inspiring travel vlogger who is always looking for the best experiences and most amazing places the world has to offer. Watching her, you can tell she loves being inspired and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Her vlogs are a great mix of positivity, creativity and adventure. But be careful - watching her videos is guaranteed to induce some serious wanderlust!


Like us, TJ Lee from CupofTJ left her job and home in San Francisco, sold everything and set off to travel the world as a badass digital nomad and vlogger. In fact, she’s a huge digital nomad advocate and proof that you can work on the road and still have so much fun along the way. She’s the perfect mix of goofy, quirky and hilarious and is showing how fun this world is one awesome vlog at a time.

Kristen Sarah

Finally, we wanted to give a shout out to Kristen Sarah, a travel vlogging veteran. She’s been rocking travel vlogs, tips and tricks for a few years now and is still somehow finding new, amazingingly delicious adventures to take us on all over the world!

She’s super funny, informational and totally down to earth, which we love! If you’re planning a trip, going on a solo adventure or just down to see some serious destination eye-candy, Kristen has something for you!

Are you a travel vlogger or do you have some favorite travel vloggers you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading, we'll see you on the road!