Brussels is a beautiful city with stunning architecture and a unique past. And, for some reason, they are obsessed with a statue of a peeing baby.

We're currently traveling through Europe and every time we land in a new city, the first thing we do is book a free walking tour. Sandeman's hosts free walking tours all throughout Europe and it's an amazing way to get to know a new city. Once you've learned about a city's history, you always feel a bit more connected to it. It forces you to appreciate it more.

Our walking tour took us all over the streets of Brussels. We even saw the most famous statue in brussels (and apparently the 3rd most famous statue in the world?), called the Manneken Pis. In spite of being (purportedly) world famous, we hadn't ever heard of it.

I wouldn't say we wer underwhelmed by it, more so just confused. It's basically exactly what it sounds like. A statue of a peeing baby.

Overall we had an amazing day getting to know Brussels a little bit better. Between the waffles, rich history and peeing baby statue, there's a lot to like about this place :D


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