Traveling should never be an excuse to skip working out. Sure, it might make staying fit a bit more challenging, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to keep up with! All you need is YouTube! And if you’re like me, an extra large towel to mop up the sweat puddles.

First, let me address (and debunk) your concerns:

I’m staying in a hotel room and/or I have an injury so I can’t possibly be jumping around. Well that sucks. But guess what, you can still do silent, low-impact workouts!

The room I’m staying in is too small to turn around in, let alone workout in! No problem! You can workout in the hallway, kitchen, living room, backyard, bathroom, nearby park… if the space is big enough to do a jumping jack in, you’re all set! (And to answer your question, yes, I’ve worked out in all those places!)

I don’t have any equipment, dummy, I’m living out of a backpack! Okay, no need to get hostile! All you need is your own bodyweight!

Joking aside, these are all major concerns that many travelers deal with, including myself. That’s why this list is so great - every channel below has bodyweight-only and low-impact workouts! So not only do you not need any equipment but you also don’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors!! Well except maybe with your heavy breathing…

Okay, now that you officially have no more excuses, let’s get sweaty!

Millionaire Hoy

Features: 800+ videos, beginner to advanced options, 10-90min workouts, new videos Fri/Sat/Sun

First up is my trusty go-to, Millionaire Hoy (aka Ya Boy Mill Hoy)! I’ve been working out with him for a couple years now and have loved watching his channel grow! If you’re lucky enough to have access to weights, then get ready to go full beast mode. But if you’re like me and staying in Airbnb apartments with neighbors and no equipment, then check out his bodyweight and silent videos.

Mill Hoy’s channel has the best features in my opinion - timers, upcoming workout previews, estimated calorie counter, modifications, a warm up and cool down included in the video, and a lot of encouragement and fun commentary. Plus he releases all sorts of 30 day programs which takes the thinking out of your workout routine!

Kat Musni

Features: 370+ videos, beginner to advanced options, 20-60min workouts, new videos Mon/Wed

Kat is hands down the most adorable badass on YouTube. She definitely has the most personality of anyone on the list (her videos often have themes complete with costumes and skits). And she makes even the hardest workouts seem pleasant with her always-cheerful demeanor and encouragement along the way. Don’t be fooled though! Kat puts together some seriously tough and effective workouts.

Christine Salus

Features: 200+ videos, beginner to advanced options, 10-90min workouts, new videos weekly

I found Christine a few months ago and was hooked immediately. She really cares about fitness and health and it shows in her workouts. Her videos are also a great reminder that you can workout wherever you are. She’s worked out in her living room, bedroom, a field, an old tennis court, a patio…wherever she is, she makes it her studio!

Erin Brooks aka SuperMOM

Features: 540+ videos, beginner to advanced options, 25-60min workouts, multiple new videos each week

Erin is definitely one SuperMOMma! Her motto “We don’t have the time, we make the time!” is so true especially considering she’s currently pregnant (with baby #2!). She also has permanent nerve damage in her right arm and yet somehow still finds the time and motivation to upload almost daily workouts! Yep, that’s right - you officially never have an excuse to skip a workout again.

She specializes in kickboxing (on of my favorite types of workouts), but has a little bit of everything on her channel. Also, her adorable little girl, Sammy, and her “Super cats” often make appearances in her videos - and you all know how much I love cats!

Hiit Like a Girl

Features: 70+ videos, all advanced, 40-80min workouts, new video weekly

Mandy from Hiit Like a Girl might be my workout spirit animal. She’s super strong, doesn’t shy away from push-ups, and is pretty honest about how brutal her videos are. Needless to say, her workouts are pretty tough - even the silent ones! Basically, her channel’s great for really getting down to business.


Features: 750+ videos, beginner to advanced options, 5-90min workouts, new video weekly

Daniel and Kelli, the husband-and-wife team that is FitnessBlender, have been putting out free workout videos since before free workout videos were even a thing. They have every type of workout imaginable from yoga and pilates to kickboxing and tabata.

Pro tip: head directly to their website for super targeted searches and see detailed information for each video including the breakdown of the workout moves and estimated calorie count.

So there you have it! My list of favorite fitness coaches who keep me sweating and motivated no matter where I am in the world.

Have a favorite workout channel or program you’d like to share? Let me know! I’m always on the lookout for a good challenge :)

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