When you’re packing for a trip there are some obvious must-have travel items that come to mind: clothing, shoes, passport, cell phone, travel-sized shampoo... But once you get on the road, there are some not-so-obvious items that can make all the difference!

Not into reading and/or want to see the items in action? Well you're in luck, because we also made a handy little video:

We wish we'd known about these items before we started our adventure, so we wanted to share them with others so they can be prepared from the get-go!

Toothbrush Holder

Our smallest, but probably favorite travel item is our suction cup toothbrush covers! These awesome little guys act as a holder and cover so you can easily and sanitarily store your toothbrush both at your Airbnb and in your bag. And the suction cup means no more laying your toothbrush on yucky sinks!

Day Pack

We might be living out of our big backpacks, but having a smaller day pack is a lifesaver! Trust us, you definitely don’t want to lug around your big bag when you’re just out for a day hike, sightseeing or getting a little work done at a coffee shop. Instead, bring a small, lightweight travel bag!

From our experience it’s best to grab one with a built-in laptop sleeve and mesh side pockets to store water bottles and train tickets!

Don’t put valuables in the side pockets though! There’s nothing more enticing to pickpockets than a big shiny phone staring them in the face. We actually had a close call with this in Berlin :o

Portable Charging Brick

When we’re out and about, we’re constantly pulling up train schedules, translating menus with Google Translate, looking up yummy bars and coffee shops and keeping up with social media. Basically what that means is our cell phones rarely last the entire day. And take it from us, you don’t want to be out in a foreign city at 3am with no cell phone!

That’s why we highly recommend investing in a portable usb charger. We love the Moonstone charger in particular because you can charge multiple devices at a time and it has awesome charging power. The carry case is a bit bulky though so if you’re traveling long-term, you might want to look for a smaller one (or just ditch the case!).

Beats Audio Headphones

When we started traveling, we both had large, over-ear headphones. While they were great at canceling out noise on airplanes and in coffee shops, we quickly realized that they just weren’t practical with our limited bag space. We started searching for smaller headphones and found these Beats Audio In-Ear Headphones and haven’t turned back!

They give you the base and noise cancellations of over-ear headphones but take up literally no space! They also come with several earpiece sizes so you’ll always have a perfect fit!

Dr. Bronner’s Soap

We’ve mentioned Dr. Bronner’s Magic (yes, magic!) Soap before and will likely keep on mentioning it because it’s one of our favorite toiletry items! It literally does it all - well, at least 14 things!

It comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fragrances and we use it as our body wash, shaving gel, face wash, and laundry detergent. It’s a great space-saver, plus it’s organic! Just maybe don’t pay too much mind to the writings on the label… Dr Bronner was an eccentric man, to say the least.

Passport Holder

Traveling means you’ll want to have easy access to important documents like your passport and boarding pass. But you don’t want to have those items in your purse or pocket or any other place that’s easy to pickpocket, leave behind, or for it to fall out of. So, while it may not look that cool or fashionable, a passport holder actually comes in really handy if you wear it correctly!

Wearing it across your chest and under your shirt or jacket will keep it out of sight, while still giving you quick access to the documents you need.

BONUS! We just came across these amazing scarves with a built-in pouch for safely storing and easily accessing your passport and other important items. Talk about smart fashion!

Camera Clip

iPhone cameras have come a long way, but most travelers still opt to bring along a nicer camera to really capture their adventures. Sure, you could strap it on with the classic neck strap, but if you want to really go hands free and be a bit more discreet, the CapturePRO Camera Clip is an amazing investment!

It hooks easily to your belt or bag strap and securely locks your camera in place. We’ve been using it with our A6000 for months now and absolutely love it! It’s super solid and well built. That camera isn’t going anywhere!


There are definitely tons of must have travel items out there, but these are the ones that have come in super handy for us on the road.

What are your must have travel items? Leave a comment and let us know or shoot us a message on Twitter!

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