Hello adventurers! We’re Eric and Allison Bieller and we're traveling the world full-time!

To answer your questions - no.

We're not rich. We don't have a huge savings account or any inheritance. We don't have a long history of traveling. We have no grand plan, timeline or bucket list that’s guiding us. And we're not on some quest to find out who we really are... although we're the first ones to admit that that's definitely a byproduct of traveling!

Nope. We're just two midwestern goofballs who moved to San Francisco after college, got fed up with our career-first lifestyles and decided we just wanted to live a more intentional life full of adventure. And for us, that adventure ended up being traveling the world and vlogging the the entire journey.

In our previous life, I (Allison) was in HR for an online clothing company and Eric was the co-founder of a funded, remote-working tech startup. By all accounts, we were "living the dream" in San Francisco with our steady jobs, two cuddly cats and a sunny studio apart.

But our lives felt really stale. We realized that all we did was work, hit up happy hours and then watch Netflix on our couch with our two furry children. While that was definitely great and fun, it left us feeling directionless and pretty lazy.

For years we’d kicked around the idea of selling it all and traveling the world. But after multiple bouts of getting hopped up on travel documentaries, setting hypothetical budgets and deciding we needed to buy an RV or build a tiny home or whatever other travel craze was currently popular, we'd inevitably get overwhelmed and give up.

Finally, we had an aha! moment.

Eric already worked remotely and a few people at my office had just started working from home. What if I could do the same?! So I told my team we wanted to start traveling and proposed that I work from the road while we did. And you know what? They said yes! Well, okay so technically they said no. BUT they’d let me keep my job until they hired a replacement which would likely take months… close enough, right?!


Literally one month later, we left San Francisco on a one-way flight and started our new life as traveling, digital nomads.

Since then, we’ve both left our companies - which was pretty scary. But Eric, being the badass that he is, immediately found some sweet contract positions which currently support us on the road. And while I’m still on the prowl for a new remote gig, I currently spend my time planning and focusing on The Endless Adventure.

Being digital nomads definitely isn’t the most glamorous. We’re working constantly and for every day of adventuring comes at least two days of hunkering down in coffee shops to get shit done.

But you know what? Those cafes are in Costa Rica and Iceland and Croatia and Hungary and anywhere that’s a cheap flight or train ride away.

Don’t get us wrong, this was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make. It’s a decision that twisted our stomaches into knots. But we eventually found the courage to jump and just figure out the rest on the way down.

Our goals with this new life are really simple:

To share our adventures with the world and hopefully inspire others to break out of their comfort zones and travel more.

To provide an intimate look at our lifestyle of long-term travel. From budgeting to planning to the frustrations of day to day travel, we’re showing it all.

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Thanks for stopping by. We’ll see you on the road!